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Sanctioned Surf Competition

The official competition, with points qualifying towards making the US West team in HP, IC, and WW Events. Based on sign-ups, heats will be split by gender and age. Cost of this event is $60 which includes 1 event. Each additional event is $15.

Skookum Surf Session

For paddle surfers who feel they are not ready for the sanctioned surf competition or just not interested in the sanctioned surf heats. ‘Skookum' is a North American word for strong, brave or impressive. For a lower entry fee, you get to compete (show off your skookum surf style) but these heats will be judged in a non sanctioned way (results won’t qualify towards making the US team). As a Skookum surfer, you will also surf in mixed heats (different surf craft in the same heat). All surf craft are allowed, including front doors and inflatable whales.


Competition of the Supquatches. A Supsquatch is a giant, inflatable stand-up board that can hold 4-5 people. We'll have two battling each other. Needless to say, this event will test your skill of not taking yourself too seriously.

Sea Kayak & SUP Scramble

Racers will start on the beach with their boats near the waters edge. They will race to their boats scramble into them and launch through the surf and Race to the ‘rocks’ and back. The course is 1.3 nm round trip. The cost of this session is $15.


A Main Course will be Catered by Linda’s in Neah Bay. Potluck for appetizers and dessert. Cost for the Main Course is $15


Once in a lifetime chance to get this t-shirt with logo and our awesome sponsor logo’s. Cost for the shirt is $15 and available in sizes ranging from S-XL.

Raffle Tickets

Our sponsors have graciously donated several pieces of paddling schwag for you to have a chance to win. All proceeds from the raffle will go to benefit the Makah Youth Center.

Competition Insurance

Our event is insured by ACA (American Canoe Association). If you are competing in any event you need to be an ACA member or purchase a single day membership for $5 for the event. If you are just purchasing meals, raffle tickets, or t-shirts just choose not competing to avoid any additional fees.

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