Regrettably, barring a late breaking miracle, for the first time in ten years it looks like the sanctioned and sponsored version of Hobuck Hoedown isn't going to come to pass this year. 

No worries though - there are many of us in the NW paddle surfing community that are energized to keep the event alive and to come back stronger than ever!  More on that in a minute...

For 2014, to keep the Hoedown stoke alive, gather the tribe and to just have fun together in the late summer surf, we are inviting you to come out to Hobuck on the weekend on the 4th for an epic "back to the roots of NW surf paddling" expression session!

Why come if the event isn't sanctioned and sponsored?  Come out to share waves with old friends, make new friends, observe amazing surf paddling by local surfers, enjoy a bonfire and surf tales, and to make your smile grow playing in the lineup with the NW surf crew!  Bonus - the price of admission is free!!!

Please help us spread the word that the Hoedown is alive and that your local paddle surfing friends will be looking for you in the lineup on this season-capstone weekend!

Hobuck Beach


The Makah Tribe is proud to invite visitors to the Makah Reservation to enjoy the beach along the Pacific Ocean.  The Resort is located on the west end of the Reservation at the end of Highway 112.  Their facilities include cabins, meadows for tent camping and hook ups for Recreational Vehicles.

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October 4th-5th 2014

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Hobuck Hoedown

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